Is It Spring Yet?

MiramarMondays are rough, which is why we try to focus on motivation and inspiration on this good for nothing day. Spring time is my current get out of bed motivation. It’s only about a month away, and one of my favorite days is only a couple weeks away. Daylight savings time is March 10th this year. I live for more daylight, because sitting in an office all day is lame and I want to get out and get some fresh air and vitamin D. Running, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, these are all better in the daylight, trust me! In prep for spring time I’ve made a couple small committments and challenges, you know, not drink as much, exercise more, skip dessert, drink more water, etc. These are all things that are easily attainable and not socially life ending. There is nothing worse than going to a dinner party and being the only one on the wagon. Doing things to improve yourself isn’t always about massive changes, which is why I prefer a bunch of small “wins” rather than some major effort that will alienate me from my peers. Believe me, if you quit anything cold turkey your friends will stop inviting you places, because you’re annoying to be around and no one wants to hear about your weird all-fruit diet.

The photo above is also this week’s motivation, as I plan on being there as soon and as much as possible in the coming warmer months. ~cwall


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