Taking a break today to let you know that their are 99 of you out there who seem to like us or at least were forced into the issue by one or more members of the Disaster Juice Street Team (not a real team). We have some cool stuff coming up in the very near future. Not to mention some super secret site upgrades so you get more goodness when you’re here. We have also been batting around some branding ideas for some t-shirts and maybe some fancy stickers for our loyal followers. We still need your help though to get us past that 100 mark (and beyond)! I know Dutch really wants to give away something, and I really want to crack open a six dollar bottle of champagne. So tell your friends, family, significant other, your dog with a Facebook page, your fake Instagram followers and anyone still breathing to befriend us. We have a bunch of ways for you to connect with us. Just try one, or all three! The side effects are minimal.

Click the links below to:

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

Tumblr Us? (Does anyone even use Tumblr?)

I’m sure Dutch probably has some secret DisasterJuice Pintrest page that I don’t know about with a bunch of healthy recipes and scarves. You won’t find us on LinkedIn though, that site is not for people who wear flip flops to work, trust me. ~cwall

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