Friday In the City

Dutch and myself are in the same city on a Friday. This could get interesting. Drinks before noon at Tupelo Honey Cafe, yes please! Fried Chicken and Biscuits with gravy, sure why not?

I’m going to update this post as the day goes on. Maybe Dutch will throw in her two cents. You can also check out our Twitter feed for some choice pictures at @DisasterJuice

Fun times at the vintage store and some family time for Dutch! This place has everything! Small glass hands, fedoras, sexy furniture and one bright red Coors jacket that may be in my future.

It’s has to be 5 o’clock somewhere. We ditched the ladies for a brew at the local orange shorts and white tanks tops establishment. Dos Equis and Sweetwater please.

Shooting pool with Dutch’s significant other while we wait on the ladies to finish shopping before we head to dinner later. Basically we have enjoyed the day pregaming.

Back in a few. ~cwall

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