Very few things make me as happy as Tegan & Sara do. The Canadian twins have been around for a while now and still look 17. Their albums Sainthood and The Con are over 5 years old and I listen to them more than any other albums. I missed them their last tour and regretted it ever since. Well, remember when I said I was in tour heaven? It just keeps getting better. Tegan and Sara just announced tour dates! Their new album, Heartthrobts came out January 29th and it’s every bit as amazing as their six other albums. They said they are going for a completely new sound, so different that they should’ve changed their name, but thankfully it’s not actually that much of a difference. They are trying to be more pop and the album does sound more 80’s but even if there were banjos and a ukulele behind them, I still couldn’t resist their voices. You might have heard the single Closer which has been out a while but my favorite is the bonus track Guilty as Charged. Check out the tour dates here and watch them perform Closer live here. ~Dutch


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