Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson)


If you aren’t familiar with Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson then we can’t be friends, not that I need anymore anyway. What you may not know is that Ron, excuse me, Nick is a skilled craftsman. He runs the Offerman Wood Shop which came about from years of working as a scene builder for theater productions. Now he mostly focuses on giant tables made from slabs of tree trunks and custom made canoes. But there is so much more about Ron, I mean Nick that we should talk about. Besides being awesome on Parks and Rec and creating amazing furniture he is also a regular on Conan and Funny or Die, check the video below and watch him read some tweets. Additionally he is touring this year for a number of dates for his stand up comedy act, American Ham, unfortunately I just missed the closest show near me last night in Columbia, SC, but if your near one of his shows I suggest going. His dry humor isn’t for everyone, but if you can appreciate the subtleties of sarcasm then I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show. You can also check him out on twitter. Oh and yesterday the guys over at The Chive stopped by the Offerman Wood Shop to show off their latest t-shirt design that goes on sale tomorrow at The Chivery. ~cwall


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