Self Sustaining Ecosphere

Today, I’lecol bring out my nerdy side. I found this self-contained, self-supporting eco system that’s permanently sealed at Hammacher Schlemmer. Inside, tiny shrimp feed on bacteria that metabolize organic waste into nutrients for the algae which then photosynthesize the oxygen needed for the shrimp and bacteria to survive. So if you have a problem keeping your goldfish alive but still want an aquarium, this is the perfect solution. You don’t even have to get someone to watch it while you’re out of town. The life span of the shrimp is up to three years and that of the algae and bacteria is indefinite. Depending on the size you want, the price ranges from about $120 to $300. Somebody get me one!

On a side note, for all you Bravo fans: the Bravo app just came out! I can’t get enough of Andy Cohen so I’m pretty happy about this. Most of my DVR is full of Bravo shows but the app will keep me busy when I’m not at home. From Watch What Happens Live to Housewives to Top Chef, get even more from your favorite shows right on your phone. As if I needed more distractions.    ~Dutch

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