Evasi0n 101

hires-evad3rs-iconI’ve been waiting patiently for months on the latest Jailbreak for my precious iPhone 5 and yesterday it was finally unleashed on the public masses. The guys over at evasi0n.com released a comprehensive jail break tool for most iDevices including the iPhone 5 and the latest iPads. So it’s been a full 24 hours since the release and I’m happy once again to have my beloved Cydia Apps back. I know, you’re thinking why would I want to jail break my phone? It might void my warranty, Apple provides me with everything I already need, what more could there be? Isn’t it illegal?

No, no and no. If your device craps out on you, all you have to do is restore it in iTunes and take it into the Apple Store for your warranty. I’ve even seen people claim innocence with jailbroken devices that they accidentally bricked and get help from loyal Apple Store employees. Apps. Sure you’ve got the app store, but Apple really doesn’t let the good stuff make it past the walled gates. Unlimited Pandora Skips, need I say more? Oh you’re worried someone is going to lock you and your phone up for loading a few unApple apps on your phone? According to the DMCA “jailbreaking or rooting” is completely legal on your smartphone (things have gotten a bit trickier with tablet devices, but I doubt anyone’s getting locked up over it).

Okay so I’ve talked you into it right? Now head on over to the evaders website and download the tool for your particular flavor of operating systems, Mac, PC and Linux varieties. Once you’ve done the hard part of downloading the software and unpacking it somewhere you can find. Plug up your iDevice, back it up in iTunes, close out of iTunes, launch evasi0n and click the big bad Jailbreak button, now sit back relax and don’t touch your phone unless prompted to do so. This takes a few minutes, be patient! Once the smoke clears you’ll have a shiny new app store called Cydia. Cydia is full of awesome apps and utilities. There is plenty of support available and unlike most people think, not everything is free in the land of wild west apps, but the ones you do end up paying for add some great functionality that either Apple, or your phone carrier are keeping from you. If you don’t like it you can always go backwards by doing a restore in iTunes. Just give it a try, for me? ~cwall


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