Jeff Mangum + Tallahassee Review

Last month, I talked about Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel touring. We saw him in Tallahassee last week and the show was everything I had hoped for. After taking so many years off from touring, you might expect him to be a little rusty. However, his voice was perfect and even with the speaker problems it was one of the best shows I’ve been to. I would have to say he could have tried interacting with the crowd a little though. He even requested that no one take pictures or video. That was annoying but it was nice not having to look around all the phones in the air for once.

This was my first time to Tallahassee which is 2 hours from where I live. I think it’s a perfect mix of Destin meets Knoxville actually. A nice college town with indie kids everywhere (walking of course) but still Florida flair. I was convinced I would move there until my husband reminded me of the beach that was a few minutes from our house. Ok, well I’ll just go there on the weekends. The venue we went to was called The Moon, a great place to see shows. Since Destin doesn’t have any bands at all come through, anything is a huge step up but this place is really cool. There are two levels with tables and stools at the top, a full bar on the lower level with a wrap-around counter and stools plus standing room in front of the stage. I would imagine you get a great view from anywhere in the place. There are also 2 big screens on the side walls. Those probably came in handy for the many people under 5 feet tall that were there. We missed Freelance Whales that played the night before but if you are in the area next month, go see Desaparecidos on Feb. 20th.     ~Dutch

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