Skrillex is musician SonSMny Moore. He was the singer of From First to Last from 2004-2007, one of my all time favorite bands. Towards the end of his time with FFTL, he had serious vocal problems and eventually had surgery. He left the band for a solo career and today he performs as Skrillex. I was completely against this for a long time since his new stuff is very different from his previous band. I guess I hoped he would go back to FFTL too. But seeing as he won 3 Grammys and is on tour more often than not, this 5’4” weird haired DJ is rolling in the big bucks. So why would he change anything? I get it now. His music is high energy and is perfect for anything you need to get hyped up for. Maybe not so great while driving though. Leaving, his sixth EP, was released this month. But today is Throwback so below is one of my faves from My Name is Skrillex. Listen with caution.    ~Dutch


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