Places You Shouldn’t Have Surgery

One time I was in Mexico and called my boyfriend telling him they had cheap plastic surgery so I was going to get a procedure done. He forbade me to do that. Other than Tijuana, you know where else you shouldn’t get procedures done? In a motel room with a Pedialyte bottle and Krazy Glue. Does this even need to be said? Apparently. A man in Florida was giving “silicone injections” in a motel room and charging $100-400 a session. One of his victims went to him for 5 months! Needless to say, the people he saw had severe infections, open sores, and had to go to the hospital. The best part of this story is when one was in the hospital, the fake doctor paid a visit but dressed as a woman with a fur coat and wig on. And the worst part of this story is this is just the latest in a series of arrests in South Florida for illegal injections. In 2011, a Miami woman was arrested for injecting people with cement and Fix-a-Flat. What is this world coming to? Read the rest of the story here.     ~Dutchnurse

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