In Other Apple News

apple_logoToday rather than point you to something awesome on the internet that you didn’t know about, I’m just going to be lazy and give you some news, and to be even more lazy, I am going to focus that news on Apple.

First up! Yesterday Apple released 6.1 for iOS. What’s that mean for you? Not much, you’ll get some much needed bug and security fixes (I’m looking at you touchscreen) and you’ll also get the ability to buy movie tickets with your voice via Siri, I’m sure you’re stoked. Check out all the new stuff here. More importantly though 6.1 marks the first major update to iOS since Apple released 6.0, which means that more than likely a new jail break for iOS will be released and support your shiny new iPhone 5 and iPad (A5 and up chips). If you’re in to the jail break scene you know not to fall for the paid versions, those are all scams. The main developers involved never take any form of payment or donations.

Want to waste some more money you don’t have to keep up with the Jones? Apple just added a 128 GB version to the iPad lineup, you know, so you can store even more pictures that made you look stupid while taking them with your tablet. Seriously Apple? We don’t need a tablet with 128 GB’s worth of storage. I barely use 16, anything more I just store in “THE CLOUD”…

Meanwhile, stroking their beards at Apple headquarters, Apple exec’s just trademarked their distinctive store layout and design. This could be bad news for Microsoft who pretty much blatantly copied the mother ship’s design, I smell a lawsuit.

Okay, one last thing. That fancy new “4th gen” Apple TV, it’s really just a 3rd gen with a couple hardware changes. Also, don’t expect a jail break anytime soon, as much as it could make the Apple TV into a competitive product. There just isn’t enough interest in them yet in the JB community. Looking for a set top streaming device? Check out a Roku, they start at half the price and are twice as nice.

I know, you think I hate Apple, but I don’t. I’m the proud parent of both and iPhone and an iPad, not to mention the MacBook Pro I wrote this post on. I just enjoy pouring out a bit of hatorade every now and then. ~cwall

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