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There is a plethora of social media right now. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what ever else you do online “socially.” So why add more to your already overly complicated social scene? I don’t know, maybe you enjoy sitting at home living your life vicariously through the real life joy of others while you eat fig newtons in your sweat pants. Vine came out last week from the makers of Twitter, and caught fire for the wrong reasons. Vine is a lot like a combination of Twitter and Instagram, the difference being that it allows you to upload 6 second video clips played in a loop format. Right now Vine is a mobile only product for iOS (stop whining android fans), you’ll find it in the Top Charts listings now that Apple removed it from the featured category for the above mentioned adult reasons. I downloaded the app, it plays a lot like Instagram with sound and video, you can add your friends from your contact list or from your twitter feed, not surprisingly I couldn’t find a single real friend of mine currently using the app. There are all the hash tags and comments you would expect, you can also favorite “vines” that you want to keep close at hand for later viewing (creepy). The interface to make a new video is almost idiot proof, you hold down the record button for as long (up to 6 seconds) as you want or as brief as you want. The best videos I found were of the stop motion variety and the how-to variety. Honestly though, if you have enough time to make a stop motion video with this app, you need to go outside and leave your phone inside, your dog probably needs walking, and I’m sure there is something better you can do with your time. Anyway if you want the app use the link above or crack open your app store, now back to my Snapchat… ~cwall


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