He and She Eat Clean

xHe and She Eat Clean might be the last fitness/nutrition website you need to bookmark. They really have everything. There are two couples behind the site and it does talk about being healthy as a married couple but their tips are great for everyone. They promote clean eating with lean meat, lot of vegetables, and natural foods over processed. They include before and after pictures and talk about their own struggles to maintain this lifestyle. I have been using the sample workout routines and really like those. There are also sample grocery lists, recipes, supplements, and workout playlists. It’s not that difficult to come up with your own but I like having it all available already. My new goal is to have a different routine each week. I started with their beginner workouts but hopefully can move up soon. Try two weeks of clean eating and see what a difference it makes. And check out their site for help along the way! ~Dutch


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