LiveStrong and Lie Lie Lie

Unless you have been cut off from the media for the past month, you would know Lance Armstrong is in all the headlines right now. After years of being a “hero” and defending himself against pretty much everyone that accused him of doping, he had a tell-all interview with Oprah. Surprise! He kind of admitted to cheating, sort of feels bad about it, doesn’t really think he did anything wrong, and apologized for some of the stuff he said previously. No way around it, Lance Armstrong is pathetic. He needs to give everyone who bought one of those silly yellow bracelets back a dollar. But we aren’t going to just have a post about bad news. Where’s the silver lining? Saturday Night Live just had a skit of Jason Sudeikis as Lance Armstrong and it was pretty spot-on as far as his arrogance. It also features Manti Te’o with the girlfriend hoax and Jodie Foster about her weird Golden Globes speech. I thought it was awesome so that’s what I am sharing today. Enjoy! ~Dutch

Click here for the Saturday Night Live video with Lance Armstrong

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