fortknocks-mattewhitesunset-main_1The first step to recovery is admitting your addiction. In my case, I have an addiction to sunglasses. It started at an early, early age, well before I could even afford my first pair of Ray-Ban’s. It could be worse I suppose, at least it’s not cell phone cases, (*cough* Dutch *cough*). Thankfully I’ve recently found a cure to my disease of hoarding protective stylish eye wear. Knockaround was started in 2005 in San Diego and has since grown in to a full grown sunglasses company, and now offers custom frames, limited editions, duffel bags and belts. They are produced in small quantities and the best part, they are cheap! Relatively speaking, they aren’t gas station cheap, but for custom designed, limited edition, environmentally conscious, polarized sunglasses they are a great deal. Through tomorrow they are having a moving sale for some of their frames, bags and belts, with prices starting at ten bucks and free shipping if you spend fifty. Enjoy! ~cwall


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