Google Search

googleGoogle Search can be doing so much more for you. For those times when Siri isn’t coming through for you or you are at your desktop, you need to learn these Google Search tips to cut your searching time in half. If you watch the show Catfish (we are big fans), you would know that the first thing Nev does when he investigates an online other half is drag their profile picture into Google Search. Then what happens? Another profile shows up. Because EVERY time someone is dating someone way hotter than them online and the person never wants to meet up, the truth is they just stole pictures from another profile. I was shocked that no one on the show had ever done the image search themselves. Being a Pinterest addict, I’ve known this trick for a while. This article in gives more Google Search Tricks you might not have heard of. In the Search box, you can use “quotation marks” to search an exact phrase, use a – sign to exclude words from your search, and type in “site:” to search only in a specific website. You can also just put in your tracking number to find your package, check weather or time in another location with just a few words, and convert measurements easily. These are a few of the many tricks Google Search has. Check out the rest of the list and save so much more time being lazy. Who has time for all those extra clicks and typing? ~Dutch

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