Get Going

What is the most imwallsportant thing it takes to be successful? Self-motivation. You can be brilliant and have lots of great ideas but if you don’t take any action, you’re just a person with some great ideas. Here’s a quiz I came across that helps you see just how motivated you are. I actually came up higher than I expected. I have a list of things I want to accomplish but always have a hard time getting started. This can be anything too, from house renovations to fitness goals to business plans. I read this list of 13 tricks to motivate yourself and found it pretty helpful. One that I’ve been using is the 5 minute rule. If you’re dreading something, make yourself work at it for 5 minutes. Often, starting is the hardest part so once you get that going, it’s easier to get things done. Another good tip is having a partner. Then you have someone to answer to and help motivate you. Check out the rest of the list and motivate yourself to have a successful week!    ~Dutch


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