downloadNeed a giant gummy worm? How about Beer Bottle Mustaches? DIY Snow Globe Kit? Vat19 is the the place! They specialize in awesomely odd gifts and products. Everyone has that person in their life that they hate buying things for, but refuse to cop out with a gift card. Aside from having some stranger items available for sale, Vat19 has plenty of practical things that aren’t just gag gifts, stuff you can actually use. From bar accessories to board games, but they are all off beat and things you generally won’t find in your local big box store and less hipster that Urban Outfitters. Want to build your own ukulele? Done! The other great part is that they put together videos demonstrating their products, most of them are dumb, but they do their job in showing off a product before you click that add to cart button. So if anyone wants to buy me a pound and a half of extra long Twizzlers, let me know. Check out a couple of their videos below and check out their site and buy me something fun already! ~cwall


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