Karen O + Mosquito

Who doesn’t have a crush on Karen O? These days you might not recognize her without her long black bangs across her face. She went platinum blonde and is still hot as ever. More importantly, I just read an interview with the singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and they have a new album coming out in April. VERY exciting news. The YYY put out Fever to Tell in 2003 which brought us some of our favorite songs to this day, like Maps and Y Control. They had two great albums after that along with Karen O composing all but one song on the soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Are. She says the new album “Mosquito” (named after the horrible insect because she hates them), is cheer up music for some dark times in their lives, a more playful lo-fi sound. Most of the album was produced by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, with one track by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. I haven’t been crazy about any of their album covers, although It’s Blitz was kind of cool, but the new cover is awful. That’s why I am not posting a picture of it. But here is a teaser video for the new album and go here for the rest of the interview.     ~Dutch


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