Shop Well

If you have any diet restrictions, you need the app Shop Wellshop – “Your Personal Nutrition Expert”. You set up a profile and are able to list what you can and can’t eat/drink. For example, maybe you can’t have dairy or peanuts but you want to add more iron or potassium to your diet. Select those in your profile and Shop Well helps you out in choosing your meals. At the grocery store, you can just use your camera to scan the barcode and this app will rate the item letting you know if it’s something you should have and gives the details about the item. Pretty cool! Maybe you are one of the few that can eat whatever you want but are trying to be healthier. You can set up your profile to cut out high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or high sodium. Now instead of Googling items every time I shop, I can just scan barcodes and that saves some time. The app also has lists of items that you can browse through with the ratings customized for you. If you have severe allergies, I definitely wouldn’t count on the app to be 100% accurate. But it does come in handy for quick checks and I think it has been pretty helpful. Download the app and start Shopping Well!    ~Dutch


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