Graph Search – Great Feature. Horrible Name.

TYF-zbYYYvnToday Facebook announced a new feature called Graph Search. It’s a new search tool developed to search within your social network. With Graph Search you can find out which of your friends have similar interests. For example, you could explore a photo stream of a specific place from just your circle of friends, or find out which of your friends enjoy similar music, movies, TV  books, food, etc. Who cares right? Well a great example for its use could be if you wanted to put together a trip or buy tickets to a concert, you could know within a few clicks where to start with your list of invites. This is something Google has also been trying to accomplish with Google+ and their traditional Search, but in my humble opinion, Facebook is the current social network of choice for most people. So what’s this all mean? You get a fancy search tool to further stalk your growing list of friends and acquaintances, and Facebook gets another stream to put targeted advertisements in your face. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact during the announcement, monetizing the new feature wasn’t even discussed. Most likely though you’ll see ads in the future, Facebook isn’t free after all, and they know that if they charge for it people will leave for greener pastures. Not to mention the stock price will continue to sink if users leave in droves. Check the video below for a few more examples on the new search that they will be rolling out over the next few months. Want to sign up early for it or check it out further? Click here for the link! ~cwall


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