Reward Yourself!

Sometimes the best motivation is a reward. But since we are adults now, your mom isn’t going to give you ice cream when you eat all your veggies. You are probably in a routine where you eat dessert when you want it and if you want to splurge while shopping, you just do it. Here is something I like to try. If there is something I want to bake, I could say if I make it to the gym 4 days this week, I can bake on Saturday. Or if I really want frozen yogurt, I have to do 30 minutes of stair climbing that day. You just have to be committed to the deal. You can get other people in on it too. Like I tell the husband if I say something unnecessarily mean about someone, I have to give him a dollar. Then I can work on being nicer and it’s a total pain since I never have cash. Luckily, he forgets after a few days too. These ideas may sound silly, but it makes you more aware of what you are doing. When I had to cut back on caffeine, I saved $1 every day I went without it which went towards a purchase I really wanted. Eventually, you get used to working out 4 days and not having caffeine. I thought of today’s post because Cwall and I keep talking about cutting back on drinking. I’ll say ok, I won’t drink for a month. But then you go somewhere and you’re the only one without a glass of wine. Not that big of a deal until people are like, “You could have ONE glass.” The pressure! So I’m going to use today’s tip and come up with a reward big enough to help me reach my goal. Share your ideas with us! ~Dutch


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