logoSo, what you don’t get to see behind the curtain here at DisasterJuice, is that Dutch and myself often collaborate on ideas for what to post about. Sometimes we even do so without even knowing it. Today she emailed me asking for ideas for our weekly motivational posts and I sent her several links for some things that I was considering talking about, more or less a peace offering for missing out on a couple days last week (while I was under the weather). I was thinking she might use an awesome video about “The Power of Habit” from the guys at Epipheo.TV. Since she didn’t post it, I’m going to, and I think it plays nice with her previous post about rewards. Habits, good or bad, are all about rewards, and the key to changing those habits is to adjust the pattern that get’s to the reward. Epipheo.TV has a bunch of great videos on their YouTube Channel, you should totally go check out some of their other stuff as well. Enjoy! ~cwall

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