That Voice

How many singing competition shows are there right now? I’ve nevelpr been a fan of American Idol. The X Factor can be pretty entertaining. But The Voice is where it’s at. I don’t really care who wins and I can’t stand to see Christina Aguilera but I have definitely gotten addicted to the show. The great thing about it is these young indie girls go on there and do amazing covers of ordinary songs. Dia Frampton started it out when she played piano and sang “Heartless” by Kanye West. Even the judges said it was the coolest thing they’ve seen on the show. You might recognize Dia’s voice from the duo Meg and Dia. I really like their music but it doesn’t compare to her covering Kanye. The next season brought my all-time favorite, Lindsey Pavao (picture shown). She covered Trey Songz “Say Aah” and I’m still listening to it on a regular basis. Oh yeah, all the songs are available on ITunes! Lindsey also sang songs by Bon Iver, Gotye, and Mike Posner. This last season brought us Melanie Martinez. She was the one with the two-toned hair with a big bow on top. I loved when she sang “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant, but she also did a great job singing The White Stripes and Ellie Goulding songs. So even if you hate these kind of shows, you should tune in to this one once in a while. It’s surprisingly a good place to find new artists.      ~Dutch


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