ExhaustionWe’re a week into 2013. Chances are you’ve already given up on most of what you resolved. Most likely this is because you resolved to change way too much and not just something simple. Habits are hard to break and trying to break multiple bad ones is even harder. You can’t quit eating an entire chocolate cake for dinner every night and commit to a 7 day a week workout schedule. It’s just not possible. Pick one! At the very least, be balanced about it. Have a slice of cake and take the weekend off from the gym. The quickest way to failure is piling on more than you can actually do. We all know multitasking is a myth, everything you add on just makes the previous item suck a bit more. It’s a vicious cycle.

So until they make a patch to make you stop eating cake, you need to learn to prioritize. You can do anything, just not everything. Set some small goals but keep the bigger picture in mind with those goals. You can’t expect to give up your disgusting cake dinner thing over night, and if you work out hard enough to be worthwhile – a week straight and your body will force you to spend a couple days in bed. You’re going to fail some, but you have to stick with it. The key is not burning out. Take a break. Walk away from the canvas. Eat a couple bites of cake! Just stay on track.

All that being said, tonight is the BCS Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama. If you’re watching it, you’re probably going to eat your way through a bowl of cheese dip and buffalo wings, but don’t think your 2013 is ruined from it. Just get back on that overly aggressive workout routine that you’ll never fully commit to. As an SEC fan, I must root for the “home” team tonight as much as I loath them. Want some further motivation to keep away from that cake dinner? Check the video below for a preview of tonight’s leprechaun stomping.


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