TBT Mashup Edition

1198549-ryan-adams-617-4089Okay, let’s start this tasty post off with the music that inspired it way back in 2005. One of my favorite depressing, miserable, drink myself to sleep songs, Ryan Adams – “Come Pick Me Up.” Watch out if we are ever in a lonely bar together with a jukebox, because this song will be played! The song was featured on another equally depressing film around the same time, Elizabethtown. Apparently 2005 was a rough year for me. What was I thinking watching and listening to this stuff? Break out the sleeping pills! Elizabethtown’s cast features Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, and follows them in an unexpected romance, blah, but it is a decent film, if you enjoy depressing rom-coms about death.

Now for the Tarantino part, the two are also cast in an upcoming thriller set to premier sometime in twenty-fourteen. “Cities” is about 3 different stories from around the world as the Dow Jones nears an all time high, thanks IMDB for the worst synopsis ever. Thankfully by the films release date Orlando can live down the last Pirates movie and that other one he’s in next year, something about a Hobbit I think. As for Kirsten, she’s just continuing her mediocre rise in being typecast as the less than attractive female role in bad movies. So let’s see what happens! Bring on the hate mail/comments Dunst/Hobbit fans… Ryan Adam’s and Elizabethtown after the break! ~cwall

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