Put A Bird On It!

Portlandia came out in 2011. I have seen it before but never appreciated it until this week. There was a marathon on IFC during the holidays and I think I’m all caught up now. This is a good thing because their new season premieres tomorrow night. If you like Fred Armisen on Saturday Night Live, you’ll love the show. Carrie Brownstein is the perfect match for him and the short sketches are priceless. It gets mixed reviews but you have to watch a few to get into it. One review favorably compared it to Austin Stories, one of the best MTV shows that aired in 1997. That reminds me, I still need to find a copy of that show. Portlandia also has lots of surprising guest appearances – Steve Buscemi, Sarah McLachlan, Heather Graham. Although I love their hippie feminist bookstore sketch, this bird video below always cracks me up. Check it out tomorrow night on IFC! ~Dutch

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