Post Vacation Twenty Thirteen

Time to unpack, shave the vacation beard, catch up on bills, check emails, procrastinate on said emails, and write my first post of Twenty-Thirteen. Over the holidays, I spent most of my time relaxing on Hilton Head Island, sleeping late and eating plenty of seafood while neglecting to do anything productive. I left Dutch to manage the blog while I was overindulging in sleep and relaxation. Today is my first day back in the office here at DJ and at my actual job, being the only human in the office (the cat doesn’t count) is making this difficult. While I was out, the paperwork was piling up and my inbox went unchecked for two weeks. The task is daunting. The last thing I want to do is get back in work mode, not to mention all the interwebs have been up to the past two weeks that I’ve missed out on.

The first day back at work is really just there to slowly inject myself back into my normal day to day routine. So here’s the plan: Check the office snail mail, youtube, check emails and mark the important stuff, youtube, print off orders for tomorrow, youtube, lunch, answer any rogue phone calls from customers also coming off a holiday bender, read up on my daily blogs, youtube, pandora (to keep me motivated), visit the office fridge nine times wondering where all the food is, youtube, procrastinate the last half hour, leave five minutes early.

So basically, tomorrow is the first day I’ll get any real work done. In the meantime, enjoy this video…


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