~ Top Posts ~


It’s the last day of 2012. We decided today we would do a blog recap with our top posts. The most viewed post of the year (or our 3 months of existence) is Cwall’s Landfill Orchestra. I was pretty impressed with that one too. It got 64 views! The next one is why Black Friday is Stupid, how you can just shop from your home and avoid the mass crowds. 27 Reasons to Not Have Kids was a big hit, a humorous take on everything wrong with children and why you are better off not procreating. Next was People Having a Worse Day Than You, mostly about how Lindsay Lohan can make you feel better about yourself but also a link with very embarrassing photos of people being caught looking really stupid. And the last of our Top 5 posts is Printstagram, a great site where you can print your Instagram photos. I have my poster up and framed in our house and it’s pretty popular. It’s like a summary of our year with all our friends. So these are our readers’ favorite posts. Let’s close out New Year’s Eve with a mashup of the top songs of 2012. We hope to keep entertaining you next year!   ~Dutch


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