Restaurants You Need To Try

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck supperin a routine going to the same restaurants all the time. Living in a tourist area, I am guilty of this myself. Go to the same place every weekend, you know the menu, the waiters/bartenders know you – simple, right? I started going to to see what deals they have which makes me try new places. I also found this article on 25 Unusual Restaurants in the U.S. Some of them aren’t too far away. Among the unusual dining experiences: A Swedish place in Wisconsin where goats graze on the grass roof, The Safe House in Milwaukee where you need a password to get in and have to perform a routine for the bouncer which is broadcast on TVs inside the bar, Ka Ohelo in Hawaii where you dine on the edge of a volcano, and Supperclub (picture shown) in San Francisco where you can expect a fashion show, aqua ballet, or get a massage while you wait for your food. Not your average dining! UWink sounds pretty cool where you have your own touch screen to order on but also play interactive games with other diners. Unfortunately, they have all closed now. But there are 24 others I haven’t tried yet. The list has places all over the country, time to start traveling!    ~Dutch


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