Krispy Kreme

If you haven’t heard of YouTube sensation Krispy Kreme, you’re missing out. This rap super star is getting around. Most famous for his “Baddest of Them All” video, his amazing lyrics are bound to get stuck in your head: “I dare you to try and punch me – My face is so hard you’ll say ‘Ouch, you crunched me’”. He made it to Tosh.0 and actually filmed a video with Tosh. You can see it here as well as an interview with Krispy. He and his friend Money Maker Mike have entertained us more than I’d like to admit. Their videos are so funny! I recently saw his Christmas video and I have to say this is my favorite. Not only am I a John Cena fan but these lyrics are priceless: “Not allowed to touch butts until you graduate from school!” I was happy to find out you can even download this song on Itunes. Don’t mind if I do!    ~Dutch

*Giveaway Update – Unfortunately, we didn’t make our 100 followers. We are still coasting in the 80’s. We will still do the Starbucks gift card when we hit the big hundred though. Hope that’s soon!*

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