The End of the End of the World

Y2K – 5/21/11 – 12/21Armageddon/12 – Here we go again. Are people really concerned about today? Just ask NASA. They are being flooded with calls and emails about the end of the world. One spokesman said they went from around 90 questions a week to now having up to 300 people per day contacting them with questions about “Doomsday”. They even put up a web page to answer some questions which has over 4 million views. Maybe you’ve seen the video they released early on YouTube “Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday”. To me, the real question is how did NASA release a video for December 22 LAST WEEK?! Why are we still talking about Armageddon when NASA knows how to time travel? Another question, why are Americans all worked up when the Mayans aren’t even worried? This story says they are all pretty calm and don’t actually think it will be end of the world. People in London don’t know what to do so they are just having a big party. But the Mayans do think there will be a change in humanity and in our thinking. In a world where the Kardashians are the most popular online subject, people believe Miley Cyrus is a girl, we have to PAY for AIR, and people have to say goodbye to limbs if they can’t afford treatment…something definitely needs to change! What can we do? Try being NICE. That doesn’t take money or fame. Jump on your bathroom sink every morning and tell yourself everything you like in your life like little Jessica in this amazing video. Start your day out on a positive note and spread those vibes. When’s the real end of the world? Only time will tell.    ~Dutch


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