20121218-213940.jpgOk so I’m a bit late today! Give me a break, it’s been a busy day prepping for vacation and what not. It’s a rough life!

Back on track. So a few months ago, I signed up for a new bank called Simple. It’s basically an all online bank that offers a bunch of great features online and on your mobile phone. The fee-free and mobile deposit was the biggest draw for me. I hate going to the bank and direct deposit isn’t a good option for me. I recently got my invitation and signed up. You have to deposit at least a hundred bucks initially from an existing bank account. They mailed my new debit card and I set up the mobile app and online settings.

A big feature is the ability to track spending and set personal goals. The app will even give you an instant Safe to Spend amount based on your preferences and settings. Tracking spending is easy and you can even use mobile notifications and geo-location. You know, so you can track your alcoholism and and excessive shopping.

Right now, it’s still invitation only but I happen to have a few extra. If you want one, just leave a comment and I’ll email you an invite! ~cwall

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