Fun Photos

Cwall and I have somewha1t of a posting format we go by and like to stick with our original themes. Friday is always about food but we decided to change that up. From now on, our Happy Friday posts might still be about food but we can mix it up sometimes too. Mixing it up is what we are all about! So following his donut post, I’m gonna talk about wedding photos. It’s not that random. Donuts – cake – wedding – photos! So here it goes:

You know when your friend says, “You gotta come over and see our wedding photos!” that you’ll think of every excuse in the book why you can’t go. Wedding photos are only interesting to the bride and groom. They’re almost all the same and pretty boring. I was looking up fun ideas for an upcoming wedding and came across some good ones. Instead of a thousand pictures of the wedding party with just different backgrounds (like my wedding album), get creative! I have a few here of my favorites that I found while browsing Pinterest. I love the guys acting like bridesmaids and the girls throwing back drinks. A good friend of mine is an amazing photographer and has great photo ideas of her own. Check out her site!    ~Dutchgroup


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