Sweatin’ Like the 80’s

That’s right ladies, leg legwarmers are back in! I’m pretty sure men still hate them but who cares? Since I have ridiculously skinny legs, I’ve been wearing them for years anyway. One time this lady told me I would never get married if I kept wearing them. Well guess what? I am married, so take that! These days, there are a lot cuter options out there too. My favorite is the crochet leg warmers with lace at the top. There are quite a few Etsy shops you can buy these at if you don’t find them elsewhere (like here, here, and here). If you want to splurge, you can check out Free People. I usually get mine at the local Rue 21 and Forever 21. You could always make a DIY project and try to crochet some too. I saw some YouTube tutorials on it but I’d rather just pay someone else. We don’t have many fashion posts so I had to go with what I know. Hopefully, cwall doesn’t read this!     ~Dutch

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