Reflecting on Twenty Twelve

photo (8)My year, in a somewhat chronological order. Atlanta. Miami. Fashion Shows and Rock Shows. Panama City Beach. Destin. Missing Flights. Charlotte. Black Keys. Arctic Monkeys. Johnson City. Crab Island. Baytowne Wharf! Mountain side Cabins. Asheville. Foxy Shazam, twice! Old friends with new babies. Back to Destin, FL. Too many cat memes. College Football, Beer Pong, Cornhole & Tailgating. Starting awesome websites. New Friends in different cities. Disney World. Pink Cadillac’s. Moonshine. Broken Phones. Bartending. Awkward “family” dinners. Miles and Miles and Miles of driving. I’m ending my year in a similar fashion to last year, relaxing next to the beach by a golf course in South Carolina with a big group of friends. It’s what helps set the tone for the next year and resets my work clock so I stay productive. I hope your year was as good as mine was. Hopefully 2013 brings more new and great things!


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