I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

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Finally! Sometime in the spring of 2013 Netflix and Mitch Hurwitz will release the 4th season of Arrested Development. If you’ve never seen an episode, leave now and go buy the series, or look it up on Netflix, or download it. Whatever, just watch it already. My personal disclaimer is that you will either love it instantly or hate it completely. The show was cancelled after season 3, much to the disappointment of it’s fans, but it’s coming back, and in classic Netflix fashion, the whole season will be available in its entirety, so don’t expect to hear from me until I watch them all back to back.

Initially the 4th season ordered by Netflix was only going to be 10 episodes but Hurwitz filmed too much material and Netflix is approving more episodes but won’t say how many just yet. There is still not much talk about on the upcoming Arrested Development movie, but the initial press release was that season 4 would precede any movie. So fingers crossed for that, probably sometime in 2014 as long as season 4 works. ~cwall

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