Darwin the IKEA Monkey

There are few thinScreenshot_2012-12-11-13-17-56gs IKEA could do to make a better shopping experience. Of course, we all would like to have a store in our own town but they are doing pretty well as it is. Toronto is pretty lucky because this past Sunday some shoppers got a great surprise which was, in my opinion, the best news story of 2012. This little guy is walking around the parking lot looking for his owner while wearing a thick overcoat and diaper. Most onlookers thought they were either seeing things or being set up as a prank. What I would give to have been there…sigh. The monkey made it back to his owner [at first] but there’s a bittersweet ending to this story. Either way, thank you crazy lady in Toronto for having a pet monkey, dressing it in an amazing coat, bringing it to IKEA, and leaving it in your car. Oh, Canada.    ~Dutch

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