images (5)You’ve probably seen it in the App Store or on Google Play, but I bet you haven’t downloaded it. Snapchat is an app that lets you send a picture to a friend, but the catch is that you can set a time limit on how long the photo can be viewed. Once the time expires, the picture is gone, into the mist, and if your “friend” snaps a screenshot you’ll get a notification of it, so you can yell at them via text. How you use Snapchat is up to you, but I could come up with some clever ideas. Snapchat’s concept is that you can share a moment without a word, an inside joke, or a homeless pirate you saw on your way downtown. I guess it’s a new form of social media, as if we really need something else to distract us. As with any picture app, be careful how you use it, anything you don’t want on the internet shouldn’t be sent using the app. Download it here for iOS or here for Android. ~cwall

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