Adopt NY

Most of our motivation dogposts have to do with helping ourselves. Today, let’s talk about helping others. We have all heard a lot about Hurricane Sandy and the relief progress so you should be pretty familiar. There’s also much effort in helping our furry friends that experienced the hurricane wrath. If you live in New York City, there’s an event tonight to help raise money for Adopt NY’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. I found out about it from one of my favorite bloggers Keiko Lynn. You can go and shop NYC bloggers’ closets and bid on items with the proceeds going to this adoption fund. Keiko has been putting up items for sale on her website so you can check out some of the cool stuff there. Unfortunately, I’m far from New York so I can’t attend. But help spread the word! You can also donate to using your PayPal account. In the week following the storm, donations enabled rescue groups to save more animals by finding them over 800 foster home applications. Another site you can donate to is We know there’s more happiness in giving than receiving so give a little!       ~Dutch


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