Say what? You probably wkinnion’t have any trouble remembering that name. Are you spending too much at the Fresh Market or your local health food store? When I started my gluten-free/dairy-free experiment two weeks ago, I ran into our Fresh Market to grab a few things and ended up with a bag over $50. If only I could get what I need for less and not have to drive across town to get it. Hello Kinnikinnick! You might recognize this name from your local co-op. Their site has products from gluten/wheat/nut/dairy free facilities AND $10 flat shipping! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Gluten free isn’t just a fad diet (you hear that Miley??), for a lot of people it’s an obligatory way of life. It’s nice to have a place to buy GF products at a reasonable price. If you need help deciding what to get (I love the vanilla sandwich crème cookies!), this site reviews a lot of their products. Happy eating!   ~Dutch

[We like to have something for all our readers and this post may not be interesting to everyone. So here’s a cool recipe I found for instant margaritas using lime sorbet!]


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