Come Have A Beer

20121207-175617.jpgIt’s Friday. It’s either past beer thirty or close to it. Ditch your cubicle and crack open a cold one. Here in Tennessee it’s still 70 degrees outside so it’s a perfect night for enjoying a cold beverage outside. If you’re in the Knoxville area or close by you should stop into The Corner BP, located just downtown in a converted service station. Beer in cans is their motto with more than forty different flavors on ice. Nights like tonight call for opening the bay doors and chilling on the patio at a picnic table playing a round of cornhole under the old gas pump awning. If you’re hungry grab a pulled pork BBQ sandwich, smoked onsite in Franks smoker. Frank was the former owner of the service station which closed in 2004 but when it’s warm outside you can still find him enjoying a Miller Lite and telling stories. There’s nothing too fancy about the local beer joint, when your done with your can feel free to chuck it across the bar to the trash can. The BBQ is served on paper plates and everyone is friendly, from bikers to firefighters to hipsters getting off work at the local restaurants close by. When it’s too cold outside you can come in for a game of Giant Jenga, Darts, Ring Toss, or shoot pool. There’s also a jukebox and of course there is arcade bowling if you get really bored. So stop in and have a beer and stay for the Ring Toss! ~cwall


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