Happy Karaoke

Today’s throwback isnkara’t actually from that long ago. I have to share an experience from the last time we went to Atlanta. If you’ve been there before, you know there are tons of things to do. Atlanta is a huge city with so much shopping and even more restaurants. Maybe karaoke isn’t what you go there to do, but we just happened to end up at a little place called Happy Karaoke one night. The reason I had to do this post is because you probably would never go in this place if you didn’t know what was inside. It’s outside of downtown Atlanta and looks to be in an old gas station with a rundown parking lot. I loved the descriptions people gave it on Yelp: “sketch as hell” and “a pimped out cafeteria”. But the reviews go on to say how much fun it turned out to be. We were meeting friends that lived in Atlanta and ended up getting there before them. So we sat in the lobby watching Korean news and pretending to read Korean papers while the owner watched us frowning. Thankfully, they have liquor at the entrance so we took advantage of that. I was starting to think our Atlanta friends were setting us up. It looked like a scene from Hangover 2 and I was just hoping to keep all my fingers. They finally let us go into one of the karaoke rooms and our friends showed up shortly. You rent a room for $20/hour (I think that depends on how many people you have/how big a room you get) and have a private little disco room. There’s wrap-around seating with multiple microphones and we were facing about 9 TV screens with the songs of our choices…and Korean subtitles. Each room has a closet with hangers – in case you need to do a wardrobe change. The big book of songs had great choices, not just old school. We even belted out some from The Lonely Island and Outkast. I wouldn’t go there for dinner but when you order drinks, they bring out snacks to go with them. The Atlanta natives said there are usually little bottles of bubbles on the tables too. Very random but with the right people –and the right drinks- you can have a great time here! Check it out next time you’re in the ATL. They stay open till 3-4am. They don’t have a website that I know of but here is the location.    ~Dutch


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