People Having a Worse Day Than You


Having a bad day? Sometimes at work I do something REALLY stupid and I’m convinced I am having the worst day ever. Like the time when I took my shoes off and then my trash can fell over. My half-eaten yogurt cup fell in my shoe and filled up with yogurt. That’s the kind of stuff that happens to me! Anyway, we can all take comfort in the fact that our lives will never be a fraction of how bad Lindsay Lohan’s is. Just in the past few weeks, she’s been arrested, had her accounts seized by the IRS, and had charges against her from lying to the police. That makes like the 5th time she’s been arrested? Not to mention her lack of a career and the fact that she ages years by the hour. We all kinda feel bad for her but come on, she brings it on herself. Get out of the spotlight girl! When Charlie Sheen is trying to help you, you know you’re in bad shape. (He gave $100k to her manager to help get her out of debt.) But besides Lindsay, there are at least 18 other people having a worse day than you. I found them right here. If you’re having a great day, look anyway! I promise you’ll get a good laugh.     ~Dutch


2 thoughts on “People Having a Worse Day Than You

  1. I really like your theme. You’re so right about Linds. What a freak show. We could have it way worse. Thanks for following my blog! I really like yours too!

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