FNE30XVGRFMVL07.LARGERedneck Backyard Zamboni Ice Resurfacer. Homemade Enema Device. DIY Boot Toppers.

Instructables is like Pinterest with directions for people who like to make things. Apparently, some of those people like to give themselves enemas while resurfacing their backyard ice rink wearing faux fur boot toppers, at least according to today’s popular posts on the site. The site is more than just enemas and ice resurfacing. If there is something you want to make or get inspiration from, something that someone else has built, Instructables is the place. Electronics to Wood-Fired Hot Tubs to DIY Hydroponics. Got something you made that is awesome and want to tell people about it? Instructables is the place, it’s a “documentation platform where people share what they do and how they do it, collaborating with others.” Anytime I’m thinking about building something, I check out what other people have done for a bit of inspiration and use their knowledge before I jump into a project and make a bunch of mistakes. When I started building custom corn-hole boards with a friend, I consulted the site to get specs and material lists, and cool ideas for finishes.

I see links from other sites like Lifehacker and Gizmodo pointing to Instructables for all manner of cool items that people have made. You don’t have to deal strictly with electronics to be a geek. Anything that you see and want to make better or up-cycle into something completely different than it’s initial purpose qualifies you. So next time you finish that beer while you’re camping, instead of throwing it in the woods, turn it into an awesome beer bottle tiki torch.   -cwall


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