Adorable Serial Killers


One of my favorite sites when I need a good laugh is The Oatmeal, it’s artwork and content are from Matthew Inman, and yes I stole the image to the left from his site but I’m giving him credit for it. Today, I stumbled upon his “How much do cats actually kill?” comic and almost fell out of my chair reading it. Not only because it was funny, but because it hits home with me.

I’m the proud owner of one adorable serial killer. I thought for some time that there was a new species tailless squirrels that only existed in my yard, however I soon realized these were just more of my cat Pickle’s helpless victims, maimed and left alive as a sign to other woodland creatures to beware of her wrath. Often, I come home to see her befriend a chipmunk only to see it lifeless an hour later. Thankfully, as of now we have a symbiotic relationship, I haven’t had a mouse problem ever, unless you count the dead ones I sweep off my porch. I often feel, as The Oatmeal’s comic brings out, that she brings the best of her kills home to my porch as peace offering for me to continue to let her hunt, only to feel dejected when I sweep them in to the mulch.

Most of my friends would tell you that Pickle is probably plotting my own death, which is an absolute possibility according to Inman’s latest book, “How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.” Who knows, maybe he’ll read this post on our tiny website and send me a free copy (cough, hint hint, cough). Anyway, check out The Oatmeal for more Cat comics and other hilarious stuff, buy his books and posters so he keeps making awesome new stuff for me to laugh at. ~cwall


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