Hilton Head Island

For most of my life I’ve spent some time every year (with a few exceptions) vacationing in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I don’t consider getting up early everyday for a week or two running to do activities a vacation, that’s too much like actual work. I prefer actually relaxing on vacation. Hilton Head gives you the best of both worlds. Want to get up early for a round of golf? Go for it! The island boasts over 20 world-class courses, and even plays host to several PGA Tour Events. Want to sleep in go out for a late breakfast? HHI offers some amazing food choices year round from casual dining to four-star restaurants. One of my best memories growing up was going to Shuckers (sadly no longer open), getting all you can eat crab legs, and then entering a hermit crab on the weekend hermit crab races. It’s a great destination for couples, families, groups, and golf outings. Generally I go in the off season during the winter months, I’m not a huge fan of Atlantic waters, we rent out a big house for a group of friends and just take it easy for a couple weeks. There is some night life choices on the island, my personal favorite is The Lodge Beer & Growler Bar, think shuffle board, pool tables, and deer heads on the wall. It’s not what you would find in a bigger city, but you are only 45 minutes away from Savannah, GA, which you can also access by boat if you want an adventure. During the day if you’re aren’t into golf, there are miles of flat paved biking trails on the island. If you want to shop, there is everything from local shops to giant outlets. If you’re planning a trip I recommend staying away from the booking companies, try and find a private owner renting out their vacation home. I use VRBO most of the time to find the best deals, people are usually willing to work with you on the price. You should be able to find something in your price range, from a one bedroom studio, to a beach front starter mansion, there is something for everyone. ~cwall


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