Typewriter Renaissance

“I really miss using a typewriter.” – Said probably no one ever. I remember watching my mom type letters on ours, I thought it was SO cool. I couldn’t wait till I was “old enough” to use it myself. Then we ended up getting our first computer and I’m pretty sure I never used her cool typewriter. Well, guess what? For all the people who miss those days, someone at Etsy is selling USB Typewriters. It’s a fully functional keyboard for your PC, Mac, or Tablet but with the sweet sounds you remember from the original typewriters. DING!

You can either get a conversion kit from $54-$80 and use your own typewriter or order a fully assembled setup for $699. Now who would want this? I don’t know, why do hipsters like record players? You know it’s not for sound quality. Why do people who work on computers all day insist on using their Ipad every non-working hour as well? You would think they would like giving their eyeballs a break. How exactly is a rainbow made? How exactly does the sun set? It just does. I don’t know everything but people like this stuff. My Iphone has a tape cassette case on it. And if you have $699 to spare, it’s a great conversation piece I suppose. I’m just picturing someone at Starbucks with their thick glasses on, skinny jeans, maybe a pipe in their mouth, and a typewriter in front of them. Good stuff. Next Tech Tuesday, we’ll talk about how to convert your Ipod into a tape player!     ~Dutch


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