Hipster Video Games

I haven’t owned a video game console in years, but lately I’ve been scouring eBay and Craigslist for an old console. In an effort to curb my habit, I found an awesome video game lounge full of vintage arcade games and old game consoles with tons of games. The Fort Sanders Yacht Club or F.S.Y.C is a hole in the wall on campus here in Knoxville. It boasts over 70 beers and has a decent bar too. You can watch the game, study for finals, or pump quarters into the Budweiser Tapper game where you pour beers for cowboys. This leads me to my next problem, spending too much money there! So today my search landed me a free Nintendo N64 with a couple games and controllers. Tonight, I’ll be adding it to my man cave, a great addition and distraction. If you’re looking, eBay is probably the cheapest place to score the best deals on retro consoles and accessories. I found that most of the ones on Craigslist were probably from collectors wanting too much money for their games. I  have to mention that we have one of the best local stores to buy pre-owned games, among other things. McKay Used Books, CDs, Movies & More carries a ton of vintage games and current ones. When you get tired of them you can trade them back in and buy “new” stuff! Did I mention my partner in crime here at DJ used to work there! I’m sure she’ll be stoked that I mentioned her former place of employment. Get your game on! ~cwall

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