Stand up

I would go so far as to say that the Monday following the third Thursday of November is the worst work day of the year. No actual work is being done today, procrastination is today’s flavor of choice. You probably noticed that we took Thursday and Friday off last week, but we are back today and here to get you working!

Monday’s are bad enough as it is, but coming in hungover from a long weekend of food, and awkward family members makes sitting in a chair at a desk that much harder. A few months ago I rearranged my desk situation, and now have a standing desk with a stool. I still have a standard desk that I use for electronics repairs and meetings with clients, but I love the new arrangement. Standing desks makes it more convenient to move around the office and freely pace and consider daily activities. When I get bored or stuck on a project at a regular desk I tend to wonder off on the internet, at a standing desk I just walk away, get a bagel, go outside, etc… to clear my head. Standing desks also burn more calories and promote a better posture. I use the stool for when I know I have a big project that will take me some time to complete and it also helps if your feet hurt after standing for a long time.

The setup I use is a hybrid, but it works for me. Convince your boss to let you try it out, or if you have the freedom, just adjust your desk yourself. Something else I am considering is bringing my kettle bell from home and leaving it at my office, being creative is hard sitting still all the time. Sometimes you need to move around and get your muscles working. Let us know how you work in the comments. ~cwall


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